Jim Ether is my Hero!

2010-05-16 23:57:22 by parkit

Jim Ether is my flash animation HERO! He is so talented, he has full length DVD's of his animations out too.

Mental Imagery Test: What's your 'Eye' Q?

2010-03-13 05:33:23 by parkit

I've uploaded a flash 'Eye' Q test to the portal. It's quite long at 70 questions but gives you back a 'cognitive style' score and some feedback at the end. (Ignore the popup window, it no longer works and your results will be displayed in the flash movie window)
Take the Mental Imagery Test here
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Mental Imagery Test: What's your 'Eye' Q?

Rotoscoping tutorial

2010-01-22 02:55:06 by parkit

Rotoscoping is where you take film, and apply image processing to make it look like an animation. Movies like 'Waking Life' and 'A Scanner Darkly' used expensive rotoscoping techniques (plus oodles of animators to polish it). I've added a tutorial about how to do rotoscoping yourself using flash and photoshop.
Enjoy, and post links to your rotoscoped movies!

Check out the rotoscoping tutorial here

Rotoscoping tutorial


2010-01-16 07:17:46 by parkit

I've uploaded my hand-drawn animation 'King Dragonfly'. Please add it too your favorites if you like it (and of course vote "5" 8-D).

Click here to watch King Dragonfly

~~~!!!VOTE 5!!!~~~


new website

2010-01-16 02:43:52 by parkit

The new PARKIT website is up and running.

Click here to visit parkitweb.com

You'll find my flash work plus some (hopefully) helpful tutorials.